Alright Students, Refer me to a good, no GREAT anatomy site..Please.

Greetings all,

I am in search of a free, but usable anatomy web site. I found one through another site, but it was very old material. By old I mean, it was video of lectures from an English school from the early to mid 90’s. I just want good detailed pictures or slides and etc…etc…If there are lectures, that’s just a bonus. Thank you for any help!!

what kind of information are you looking for specifically?


General Anatomy?

It would be great for both, if possible. If not, detailed general anatomy. I don’t “have” to have gross, but if you have links to that or one that combines both, that would be great. I have the Hurts Heart book, while the pics are outstanding, alot of them are small. The views are deceptive to me, so whatever site you would recommend. I have Netters anatomy book, but I would really like an online source. Thanks Gabe!

BTW- Your avatar is awesome!!

Gross Anatomy

Another Gross Anatomy

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Alright Students, Refer me to a good, no GREAT anatomy site..Please.

We're all born with one, from our heads to our toes.


Sorry, couldn't resist

I've found the Michigan site mentioned by jkp to be very good.…

Thank you guys, so very much!!!

You are so very welcome! I stumbled upon the 2nd site perusing what gross anatomy classes were really like, trying to venture into that arena and gain a more accurate understanding of the course (not that online anything really replicates on site, hands-on learning but I thought it might help approximate it).

Anyway, I took the quiz from the 2nd site for kicks pleasantly surprising myself with a 40% (guess all my cat, dog, horse, sheep, shark, pigs, pigs, and more pigs dissections paid off in some very small way).

Someday, I hope to truly be taking the real deal, testing on the real deal, understanding the real deal and subsequently, posting about it with a stellar 99% plus .

I hadn’t seen those sites before. They’re really great! Thanks to all for the many links.

Yeah they are excellent…Like I said before, the ones that I have are good to a point, but very dated. These are amazing, just like all the members who take time out to help each other!!!