Am I a Non-Trad? TMDSAS

I am applying to TMDSAS next cycle. I am almost 20 years old but I graduated High School at 15. I have been going to college for the past 5 years and will be graduating 2022 with 2 BA’s. For the last year I was taking care or my 14 year old cousin. I worked for the first 3 years, 35 hours a week to pay for my school. I also recently had to transfer and relocate due to my parents deteriorating health. Whenever anyone talks about non-traditional I typically see 24 years+ with a gap in schooling.

Should I mark my application as non-trad on TMDSAS to better get my story across?

A nontraditional student is someone who typically has a gap year or 2, is married or has children, had a career change, or is older than the average student. Your story is unique but I dont think it necessarily makes you nontraditional since you went to school and are applying straight from university. Unless you have a child or are married, I wouldn’t consider you nontraditional.

Lastly, if you have guardianship of your 14 year old cousin (like they are your legal dependent) then you could be considered nontraditional