Am I bananas?

trenchwarfare here. in mid 40s, have dabbled in a couple of highly specific allied health programs, but did not finish due to life circumstances pulling the rug out from me a few times in a row, just moved on from a difficult entry-level healthcare job, loved it, but was physically breaking me down. Will be emoyrd again soon but with this ‘gettin’ in my 20 years’ talk around mr, I tell ya, I am more motivated to go pre med MD or DO than ever. I have set of textbooks that a med school grad gave me, and I am on fire for this stuff. the money, status, trappings of this life mean nothing to me. I just want to do it to make a difference, and live with no regrts. I do have a well thought out plan B that I will be working in while attempting s post/ bacc program,…so, am I bananas?

Yes, next question, LOL???

Crazy to me but not because of your age. In the age of healthcare reform, decreased compensation, and increasing costs to attend medical school especially DO schools, I think ANY premed is crazy for taking this on!!!

well banana’s you may well be, but if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result then spending your life wanting to be a doctor and always not taking action is truly crazy. Or at least you drive yourself crazy for not having tried.

It’s good to have a dream but you gotta have a plan. If you are considering spending 10 years or more in training to be a doctor, and a few to several hundred thousands of dollars, then spending a few years part time in post bacc for a few thousand seems like a worthwhile investment.

You may find that taking a few classes, working, having family obligations, etc. may be too much and not the life you want. The worst that could happen is you decide to stop, it will have cost you small amount of time and money in comparison to the impact of medical school and residency.

But now imagine that you take 2 or 3 years to do pre-reqs, you work hard, you do well on the MCATs, you apply and you even get in. It is not until that letter of acceptance is in your hand to you have to make a full life-long commitment. And you got that far I think you have shown yourself that you truly want it.

gonnif. now that answer is perfect. it is when the letter is in hand that the decisions are to be made for most of us. lizzie

Check out my post Post#55914 . You will be happy to know that at 44 years old, I am now taking the plunge and starting Med School in July, 2010. No more thinking about it. . .I’m doing it!