Am I Done?

Just finished taking Physics 1 and got a B-. My overall GPA from my undergrad days was a whopping 2.477, but should rise when I re-take chem and bio. Just wanted to know if I should give up at this point with a B-. I still have the desire to be a doc, and I’m even more fired up to tackle physics 2 now that I’ve gotten back into the flow of studying. However, I realistically should start re-thinking my goals. Any input is appreciated.

A B- is a respectable grade, though I’m sure it’s not what you were aiming for. I believe it counts as a 2.7, so it will actually go towards improving your overall GPA, though modestly. Obviously, though, you have already considered that you will need higher grades going forward to push your GPA to a more med-school acceptable level. Only you know whether you have what it takes to accomplish that goal. If you feel that you have a handle on what you need to get grades in the A range and you are confident that you can do what’s necessary, then I say go for it. You sound like you’re excited to get back in the classroom and tackle physics II and I think that having a positive attitude can be half the battle. But if you aren’t sure whether you can do what you need to do to get those grades, then I’d suggest taking a step back to reevaluate.

B- is going to be a little under 3.0 and is fine for now. However, since your Ugrad gpa is low, if all you have to take is prereqs, you’d better try and kick butt on the rest as well as the MCAT. You’re never done until you give up.