Am I getting my hopes up for nothing?


I am wondering if I am getting my hopes up, of the prospect of going to medical school, for nothing.

A little background on my situation… I’ve had a somewhat “rocky” collegiate career to date. I started college right out of highschool, and started out fine, but soon realized the “social” aspect of college. After doing more partying then studying I found myself “persona non grata”, and was politely asked to leave the university.

I took some time off to clear my head and went back taking on-line classes at University of Phoenix. My GPA stands right now at 2.75, but that is for a BS in Marketing program. I am about 7 to 8 classes away from that degree, however I have come to the realization that a career path change is in order and I am SERIOUSLY considering trying to go to medical school.

I am thinking to put myself in the best position to achieve this goal, I will transfer my “transferrable” credits to a “brick and mortar” school and change majors to a science major (bio, biochem, chem, etc…)

Do I stand a “snowball’s chance” of getting into a medical school program after completion of such a degree given my rocky scholastic past? I appreciate any feedback!

Thank You!


I suggest you read old man dave’s bio in the diary forum. Once you read through that and maybe some other diaries, you will see that, yes it is achievable.

Will it be easy? No way

Do you have a lot to prove? you betcha.

Can you do it? this website is a testament that you can.