Am I going to get screened out?

Hey everyone!

I posted a couple weeks back, but I had a lingering question about my gpa. So currently, my cumulate sgpa for undergrad is a 2.99 (2.821 Fr, 2.547 So, 3.000 Jr, and 3.313 Sr). My overall gpa follows a similar trend and I ended with a 3.183. While my grad gpa (in exercise science, which I would assume counts as BCPM) is a 3.95, I’m afraid that my low cum sgpa from undergrad may get me screened out from a lot of med schools. Does anyone know if this is the case, or if my grad gpa may help make up for it. I know a lot of schools don’t value graduate gpa’s as highly which is mainly why I’m concerned. Thanks :slight_smile: