Am I going to get screened out?

Hey everyone!

I posted a couple weeks back, but I had a lingering question about my gpa. So currently, my cumulate sgpa for undergrad is a 2.99 (2.821 Fr, 2.547 So, 3.000 Jr, and 3.313 Sr). My overall gpa follows a similar trend and I ended with a 3.183. While my grad gpa (in exercise science, which I would assume counts as BCPM) is a 3.95, I’m afraid that my low cum sgpa from undergrad may get me screened out from a lot of med schools. Does anyone know if this is the case, or if my grad gpa may help make up for it. I know a lot of schools don’t value graduate gpa’s as highly which is mainly why I’m concerned. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I believe that if you’ve shown you can do the work and improved your academic performance schools pay attention to this. I’ve heard that they notice things like this, so I think you’re operating from an improved position.

I never learned to study in UG but I was lucky to be a quick study and managed to scrape by with a low cum laude somehow but I did much better in my post bacc program improving my overall gpa…it all matters. If you’d slid backwards I’d be alarmed but that doesn’t sound like the case.

Keep breathing and keep your eyes on the prize.