Am I too late?

Hi everyone!

I am a non-traditional student. However, my journey is different from most. I am 40 years old and just beginning my pursuit in medicine. I never went to college. I have always been passionate about helping people in their pursuit to wellness though. My dream has been to attend medical school and practice in functional medicine. My question is, am I too late? Being 40 and just beginning my journey, is this ridiculous and hopeless?? I have taken certification programs and have become certified as an integrative nutrition health coach. I am currently in a certification program for functional medicine. It’s just not enough. I want to go further. I have 2 semesters of college behind me towards an associates of science so far. Thoughts?

Thanks for any advice,


Hi K,

There was an episode on either the old premeds or the premed years of a woman who was 54 (ish??) doing premed. I do not think you are too old to start. You have a better chance than most because you know what you want and you know you have to do well. Go for it!! Good luck and please try to achieve your dreams! Get those pre reqs done and keep going.