Am I very far off?

Basically, I’m debating if its worth it to retake my first Biology course: Molecular and Cellular Biology. I took it my 1st Semester of Undergrad, but didn’t apply myself, and earned a C.

I will begin my Junior year of Undergrad this Fall. My Science accumulative GPA is a 3.51 at this point, and my overall GPA is a 3.68.

I understand that your GPA is only one part of the application, but is my one bad grade going to hurt my chances? Or is my overall strong enough to be considered a “competitive” grade point average, as long as I maintain it?

Next Summer, I intend to apply to MSU Med school, Wayne State Med school, and a couple of others.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

If you’re worried that the C is going to hurt you, then taking an upper level bio course would show that you have matured and can handle the work. However, if all of your other bio and science grades have been fine and you do well on the MCAT, then the C will be a non-issue.

Completely agree with Tara’s thoughts on this.