I started working on my amcas and I have few questions. I wonder if we shouldn’t open a temporary sub-formum for this purpose.
Anyway! My first question is about languages in biographical information section: should I put English as my primary language and Polish as ‘others’ or the other way around? Polish is my first language but at this point it’s not my primary language. What do you think?
Another question is about transcripts. I attended two colleges in Poland. But I majored in Teaching ESL in one of them and History in the other. Both majors are really unrealated to medicine. I only transfered few classes to the university I’m attending now (general education classes like psychology, computers, philosphy). I marked that transcripts from these schools are not required. They ask for a contact information there. The person I list may be contacted by my designated medical schools and asked to verify my attendace at the institutions I listed. Who do I list there? If I list an official from the school there is a big chance they don’t speak any English! I assume I cannot list myself. Should I list my husband? My American friend who knows that I attended some colleges in Poland?
I’m really confused.

Question 3:
Why would someone want to know my parents/ siblings information? I’m not dependent on them, and they don’t even live in the US. Should I skip this section by choosing ‘no’ or would it be better for me to fill in this info?

Question 4:
I had my transcripts and diplomas from Poland translated and evaluated by a creditential institutions. They were equivalent to over 190 credit hours in the US. So techinically I began my American college career as a senior+. How do I handle it in Course Work Section? Do I just start counting from the beginning? Or mark ‘senior’ everywhere?

Kasia -
You might want to call AMCAS and ask them these questions. Now is probably not too bad of time to get ahold of them since its in the lull before April MCAT scores are released. Document who you talked to on what date in case you have any trouble getting your application verified.
Good luck. The AMCAS was bad enough for me, having attending several different American institution - I can’t imagine what a pain it is with foreign college credits!

Amy, thank you for your advice.
I’m going to call them tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll find answers to all my questions. I pray so they don’t require me to request transcripts from Poland. It’s not a general practice in there. It would take me forever to get them from there, if at all. And they would be in Polish…

Kasia, good luck. These are good, and difficult! questions.
I have just one piece of advice for you - I can’t begin to answer the technicalities. Do NOT misrepresent anything because it would be easier. Answering accurately may present you with challenges, but they are logistical challenges… entering information that is not true could cause you to be challenged on your ethics and I know that is not the way you want to go.
If answering a question honestly presents incredible difficulties in the follow-up, then you’ll need to call AMCAS to clear it up. Hopefully they’ll be able to help. I agree w/ Amy that now is probably a good time to call. Good luck!

Ok - I’ve called and I got my questions answered.
I know that not too many people will have problems like these when filing their AMCAS, but since I’ve asked I’m going to answers these questions. After all, maybe someone will find them helpfull at some point.
- primary language - English (even if it’s not 1st language) + list all other languages as ‘others’
- AMCAS does not require transcripts from foreign schools in which applicants were enrolled independently of any American school and if primary language spoken in the country where applicants attended school is not English, one doesn’t have to list a contact person in this section
- It’s better to fill in Family Information
- They told me to rank myself as freshman when I started my U.S. college career (regardless of my educational background from other countries).