AMCAS Coursework

O.K. I think I am now prone to panic about every little thing…
I just finished filling out the coursework section, in the course number section I put just that, the number. Now that I’m done I get this panicy feeling I should have entered the letters too.
Example: For Organic I entered the Number 3510-05, but should I have entered CHEM-3510-05.
I swear I’m not as dingy as I may appear.
But I am insanely nervous and excited.

I would try to make your AMCAS entry look as much like the transcript entry as possible - they will be cross-checking between them and you want to make it easy for them. So yeah, I would include the CHEM designation if it’s not too late. If you’ve already submitted, well, just hope for the best!

Thank you so much for replying.
I’m just checking and rechecking each little thing, procrastinating from finishing my personal atatement really…it scares the pants off me.

Checking and re-checking is OK; the attention to detail in this process is a good thing! And I can relate to the procrastination as that’s always been one of my favorite tools. But do get back to that PS - you need to not only finish it but let it sit and “percolate” for a bit, and also get a few friends to read it. You ought not submit it as soon as you think it’s done, because when you read it some days later it may not sound the way you thought it did when you were immersed in it.
Good luck! The PS is the worst part of the application if you ask me.