AMCAS Free Practice Test

Hello there,

Just some general question about the FREE Practice MCAT on AMCAS. I took it (first experience with MCAT ever) yesterday and got a 22- not so good- 6PS/8VR/8BIO. I have not taken physics or O-chem yet. I am hoping to take them both this year starting in the fall. My other pre-reqs are from 1998. Considering I have not taken physics or ocem yet, and the fact that my other pre-reqs are in the distant past, does it seem realistic to shoot for at least a 30 on MCAT. Also, are these practice tests fairly accurate in terms of how one will actually score on the “real deal”. Any clue what the standard deviation normally is on these practice tests?

I have no idea of the answers to your specific questions but I think that you did fine if you haven’t taken physics or o-chem yet. FWIW, on my intro Kaplan test, I got 8’s in both BS and PS after my first semester of o-chem and physics and 10’s on the real thing.

You will need more than just taking the courses, which gets your knowledge base up. You’ll also do specific test prep of some sort to get you more acclimated to what the MCAT is like. So yeah, I think your score on an intro test with no prep and courses still to take puts you in striking distance for a 30.

It’s my understanding that the AMCAS sample tests are pretty good approximations of the real thing.