AMCAS grading Grid

I actually took 5 years to complete my undergraduate work. At the end of my freshman year in a 2 year college, I transferred to a 4 year school. At the end of my sophmore year, I transferred back to the 2 year school because I had run out of funds. I figured a 2 year degree was better than nothing. So for the 2 year degree, I have three years of credits. Years later, took my junior and senior years of undergrad in a different major. My question is, on the AMCAS grading grid, it is broken down by freshman, soph, junior, senior. Where do I put my “extra” year of credits and grades? It is important, because some of my sciences are in there…

You have to put EVERYTHING in there regardless of how spread out it is and such. It’s going to take me 5 years to complete my undergrad as well, so a couple of the class years (freshman & junior is where I think I ended up putting it) wound up having 40+ credits in them.

There’s a thing in the manual somewhere about how if there are gaps in your classes or you took more than 4 years to do it all to break it down to 0-32 credits for freshman, 33-64 for sophomore, etc. or something along those lines. Page 17 of the AMCAS Instruction Manual breaks it down a bit better than I can.

Vicki, per AMCAS (SOURCE):

Applicants who have been enrolled part-time, or who have had interrupted attendance, should use these ranges to determine their appropriate status for each term:

High School (HS) College-level coursework taken while in high school

Freshman (FR) 0-32 semester hours

Sophomore (SO) 31-64 semester hours

Junior (JR) 61-96 semester hours

Senior (SR) 91+ semester hours

I’m a little confused…does this mean that for myself, who has two bachelor degrees and is returning back for my pre-meds will put my 2nd bachelor degree and current coursework under the 90+ hours?

What about graduate degrees? I’m about a 1 1/2-2 years away from all of this. I think I’ll need a nap after finishing up my application!!

Check the source, but I believe that your 2nd bach is all “senior” year counted.

Post-bacc or graduate work probably has a different location, but again, I do not remember. AMCAS will tell you in that link.