AMCAS Personal Comments Section

I’m stumped here. I have what I consider to be a pretty good essay, but I’m wondering if I should reserve it for the UAMS application that I’ll be sent (all Arkansas applicants get an automatic secondary). I have another essay that is a little less sparkling but still pretty good, but not as unique.
The AMACAS suggests that this section be used to address why I chose medicine, etc. Won’t this question likely come up on my secondary?
Advice, please.
Also, anyone willing to read personal comments and critique? I’ll reciprocate.

Nope, you need to address that question in your AMCAS essay. The secondary essay is supposed to be a supplement to the main AMCAS essey. It needs to address why medicine.
The adcoms should read your AMCAS essay and say…“Wow, we need to talk to this person. We want to learn more about this applicant.” Have taht one be the best one.
Good luck.

I agree, that question must be answered in your AMCAS essay. Also, consider that some schools do not provide the opportunity to address this and other deeper questions in your secondary. With them, the AMCAS essay is really all you have. It should be the best you can write.