AMCAS Returned

I was just notified that my application was missing several classes that were on my transcripts. I’m sure this is due to my CC of the Air Force, which probably has more than a dozen. So, I’ve ordered a FedEx copy of the transcript and will put the classes into my application. (I’m kicking myself for not ordering an extra copy when I sent the original to AMCAS

My question is: Has anyone else had this happen and do you know if my application goes to the back of the line for verification? This will add another 4-6 weeks

I checked the AMCAS instruction manual and they don’t say what happens when you re-submit an application.


You do not go to the back of the line. They pick up where they left off.

That is music to my ears - thanks!

No problem… same thing happened to me. Apparently the Marine Corps went to a system that provides you with a transcript of your service and training (it’s replacing the DD 214). Unfortunately, they decided to do it a few years after I left service, so I didn’t know about it.

Imagine my suprise when AMCAS held up verifying my application because I was missing my “SMART program” transcript. Suffice it to say, after a few phone calls and emails I was assured that I wouldn’t lose my place in line, and there wouldn’t be a derogatory entry in my application for failing to disclose this transcript.

Grrr… I’m still irked.

Hey, at least it was the “Smart” program

I didn’t realize I had more than 9 classes listed on my CCAF transcript as I could only remember 3 of them. Apparently every little class is listed from the one day management class to the ambulance driving courses… Oh well.

Thanks again and good luck on the application.

I just entered all of my CCAF courses (36!) and resubmitted.

Although I am confident you are not the first post-military applicant to go through this, the prudent/pragmatic side of me has warning bells ringing. I would make a prophylactic phone call to AMCAS to assure them & reassure myself that they have not chosen to make an entry about omitted transcript data on your application. While I seriously doubt any ill-will or conspiracy, we are dealing with a bureaucratic organization and it only takes an innocent error to derail your application.

Myself, when I applied back in 1998, chose not to re-re-re-re-read the paper copy of my AMCAS app (back in he ‘stone age’, AMCAS sent you a paper copy to verify and proof read/correct errors prior to officially disseminating to the programs you have chosen. I stupidly chose not to do so because I had proof read until I was nauseated, wanted to move forward and decided I could ‘trust’ the professionals. Low & behold, many rejections later, I learned during an application review at my then 1st choice & alma mater (Univ of Ark) that there was a typo on my application. Per the app, my BS would be awarded until Dec 99 instead of the correct date of May 99. Many schools outright require a BS or BA and it is a de facto requirement at all of the others (well less than 5% of matriculants are admitted w/o a BS or BA and of those that are, overwhelmingly they are in tracked programs where the BS/BA is co-awarded at the completion of medical school).

In other words, I shot myself in the foot!

As an aside, I did still get in - obviously - and into a school that suited me far more well than UAMS and that has been a phenomenal resource and massively supportive of me & my endeavors. Do not overlook KCOM - that little DO school out in the boonies of the mid-West. It truly is the Harvard of the DO programs!!! And, they have a long track record of accepting non-trads and love to enroll ex-military people.

“Trust, but verify.” Those are the words that I live by.

My AMCAS app was verified within 2 hours of their receiving the SMART transcript. I checked my application after verification. Although there is no derogatory entry per se in the application, there is a column within the academic record portion titled, “AMCAS Use” next to each course. If there is a slash, it indicates that the course was verified without correction. If there is an X, it was verified with correction. In this case, both SMART entries have X’s.

This doesn’t strike me as being a big deal… and if it is, so be it. There was no grade associated with basic training, so it didn’t affect my GPA.

Edit: As an aside, they did make a mistake calculating my GPA so we definitely keep an eye on them!

My was verified the day after I put in the ‘missing’ classes. Many of my classes have a ‘X’ by them - meaning verified but corrected. I’m not sure exactly why… my GPA is correct.