AMCAS Verification

Hi Everyone,

I would like to know how long it takes AMCAS to verify an application?. I am applying late since they will only have my MCAT score on October 14. I hope to get it out this weekend which will be 4 weeks before the release of the MCAT scores.

Thank you


Babi -

Part of it depends on whether or not they already have your transcripts and part of it depends on how many applications are in line ahead of yours. If they haven’t received your transcripts yet, your application will not go in line to be verified until they have them. At this time of year, once they have your transcripts, you should be verified within a week or two. I submitted around this time (they already had all my transcripts) and was verified in just over a week.

Thank you. They do have all my transcripts so hopefully it goes well and more so I hope my mcat scores are decent. The wait is killing me…