Hi all. Wondering if anyone else is encountering this problem. AMCAS has received 2 of my 7 (yes, 7) transcipts so far. I requested them on June 1st. So I called all the schools asking what was the deal? Well, all but one school sent my trans. before June 10th. Here it is the 19th and AMCAS still isn’t posting them as received.
I talked to more than one registrar who said they are used to sending to AMCAS with the special forms etc,so I don’t think the schools are messing up somehow. I think AMCAS is a giant black hole that is sucking up my trans and spitting them out on the other side of the universe!!! tongue.gif
Hey, these things cost me money too. Do I just need to be patient? Is this normal? TMDSAS had mine all posted within a week. Maybe my expectations are too high.
Where oh where have my transcripts gone? Oh where oh where could they be? wink.gif

Keep in mind that the gears of AMCAS turn a little more slowly than any of us would like!
Give 'em maybe a week and check back with AMCAS then. Resist all urges to check every day! wink.gif
Take care & good luck!

I requested transcripts May 10 and they were all posted as received by May 20. But that was before the big rush of transcripts started. I agree, I would wait a week or so.

Yup, it is normal. Mine took about three weeks to be “received” by AMCAS I think.

I have a question for right now (I’m sure many more will come up as I get farther into the app): When you are inputting your work experience, are you supposed to include every job you’ve ever had ? I have had so many jobs in the last 20 years I just can’t believe they want to know all of this (nor do I want to remember some of it !). Plus, for some jobs I had and even volunteer experiences I can’t remember the contact person’s name, let alone the phone #. huh.gif

I am not sure about work experience but you only have 15 type of post-secondary activities that you can report on AMCAS. These activities are then under a title that you get to pick which one your experience falls under, like volunteering /non-medical, volunteering/medical, research, publications, honors and awards, leadership, extracurricular, military, etc…so you would not put every single job you ever had IMHO. Medical schools are not really looking for a resume, but meaningful experiences that they can look at and see if you would be a good match to their school, get an insight into your passions and likes, see if you have been exposed to healthcare, have an altruistic side to you, well you get the picture. Also, there is hardly any room to go into detail about these experiences maybe like a couple of sentences…

App still on “hold” due to a set of 'scripts not received. They were sent weeks ago. Guess I shouldn’t complain since I could have submit first day and didn’t. Heres to all you early AMCAS submitters!!!

QUOTE (stinastina @ Jul 14 2003, 05:25 PM)
I have a question for right now (I'm sure many more will come up as I get farther into the app): When you are inputting your work experience, are you supposed to include every job you've ever had ?

Remember that these experiences that you list are those which are "relevant" to applying to medical school. Pick and choose the relevant work experiences as well as the others that you have done. Carefully go over the list of possible categories. That will help jog your memory. :-)
TIPS: Use the description to its best advantage. Remember, it's a "mini mini mini" personal statement. Put the important "stuff" first (readers cruise through that material quickly) and don't repeat what is already in the "header" of the experience. For instance, if you put that you were a teaching assistant (in the header), you don't need to begin the description with "I was a teaching assistant at xyz...). Be succint.
Try to always include an "extra-curricular/hobby/..." experience. It gives Adcomms a broader picture of who you are.