AMSA Region X Conference

Any OPM members attending the AMSA Conference here in Portland this weekend? I would enjoy meeting up if anyone else is attending. I’ll be there at 8am. e-mail me or PM me so we can meet up. Thanks!

By the way, Lauren Hughes, the national AMSA president is gong to be there. She was a med student here at Iowa and was on the stroke team when I was the senior. She is a fantastic person and very personable if you get a chance to talk with her.

I really want to but it’s the weekend before finals!! Argh. I’d be happy to grab coffee and chat with other nontraditional pre-meds in PDX though!

The conference was phenomenal, I highly recommend that anyone needing that “extra” boost during their medical school journey attend either a regional conference or the national conference. I was amazed by the level of involvement, especially by the DO students. I was somewhat put off by the fact that the had scheduled an OMM demonstration from 8 to 10 in the evening, well after the rest of the conference. The reality was that it turned into a huge party, with over a hundred MD students trying to keep up with five DO students and one local doc. What I had interpreted as a snub ended up being one of the best parts of the conference!

Dr. Cook, thank you for your prompt reply. I was able to speak briefly with Dr. Hughes. She was great!

Artemis, I met a number of great premeds at the conference and we plan to stay in contact. PM me so all of us can set something up.

Kimberly_h, I met several members of the UW AMSA chapter and they were great. I really encourage you to get involved with them.

I was just reading and didn’t realize it was happening. I am not at UW for another year. Do I have to wait that long to join? LOL. I will definitely look at getting involved. Thank you so much for keeping me in mind. Glad you had a great time. If you see anything else happening between SEA and PDX keep me in mind. I never know what I can get to or fly to.