An F and a D in a fluff class!! Kicking myself

I have one D and one F on my transcript and both of these horrible grades were for the same course that I took and retook over ten years ago.Now here’s the really embarrassing part… The course was basic drawing. I had lots of personal stuff going on those semesters, dealing with depression, father in prison, all kinds of things. I withdrew from the other courses I took those semesters, but thought I would be okay at least with that one. But with a Professor Trelawney type instructor (if you know who that is), and everything else going on in my life, I just couldn’t get it together. The horrible grades were because of attendance, since it’s not that the course load was so rigorous.

Now my science GPA is stellar, about a 3.9 with courses recently taken. In the past two years I have done orgo I and II, Physics I and II, Cell bio, genetics, biochemistry, calculus, computer science and a few other courses. I’ve received As in all of these courses and the labs. I also have a MA in English Literature.

My overall AMCAS GPA will be about a 3.6. It’s currently 3.5 at my school, but they don’t factor in a year that I spent at another school (and about 30 credit hours of As).

So the questions: should I bother to retake the drawing class now or just address it on my personal statement? The W courses were all the science courses which I have since completed with As.

I’m pretty sure many people here will concur - retaking the drawing class and getting an A in it is not going to affect your application.

I agree. Don’t retake it. Just explain it.

Thanks for the advice. I was leaning in that direction.


Agree wholeheartedly with others–do not retake.