An Introduction

First, this site is an amazing project. In the last several months I’ve gone from feeling a little alone and a little more crazy, to finding a few communities full of people that are in various stages of what I am about to begin. Thank you for taking the time and effort for this site.

I’ll make the intro short and sweet. I started with some explanation of how I came to be where I am, and realized I’m writing a novelette as a hello, and promptly deleted it.

I’m married, 32, no children. My company imploded in December of last year. I’ve always felt that I wanted to do something meaningful with my life, to have a positive effect on the world and specific people inside of it, to do my part to leave it a better place than it was when I arrived. Though we could never make the leap on our own due to fear, now that the situation of joblessness is thrust upon us we’ve decided to begin. The fun part? I don’t have so much as a single usable college credit behind me.

I hope to start my undergrad in the Fall of this year. I say hope, as our home just sold making classes possible. I ordered the MSAR and will be checking out Chicago area universities to try and take my first full semester of classes. I want to try and finish my undergrad in three years while maintaining the necessary GPA. I know it won’t be easy. We’ve talked and talked the last six months and have come to this decision with our eyes open.

The next step for me is figuring out the right undergrad major and selecting a school. I know that it isn’t a requirement that you major in anything in particular, just that you have the necessary prereqs, maintained a high GPA, and score well on the MCAT, but being a nontrad I feel I have more ground to make up for than a traditional student would when applying.

Not to mention financial aid…

So it begins!

Just think. This was the short version.

Welcome!! Please keep us informed of your journey along the way. Feel free to post questions as well as answers to other’s questions as you will know more than you may realize as you go through this process (much more than those of us who went through it eons ago). Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Welcome! Keep us updated on your progress, and know that you’ve got a strong support group!

I definitely will. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t find this site before the conference this year. I would have gone.

I’ll answer what I can, but right now I feel full of questions, excitement and anxiety. I’ll also try to keep my questions to a minimum. The internet makes finding answers to questions of fact rather painless. Questions learned through experience however, these are hard to find, and they’re in abundance here.

I’ll update as often as I can, and have decided to (doesn’t everyone?) maintain a blog/diary of the entire process as well. If anything, it’ll provide me a place to vent and release. I’ll admit to being a little terrified at the moment.

I’m sure some of the insecurity will pass as grades begin to roll in, but until then, I can’t help wonder if I’ve taken one too many bumps on the head since I was last in school and will find I’ve become more spoon than knife in sharpness.

welcome…fellow chicagoan here and also new to the site!!

i am bit farther along on the journey than you

Welcome! And yeah, I’m just planting my first few feet in front of me. Tenacious though, let’s hope I haven’t lost one too many million brain cells.