Anatomy and Physiology 1&2 in place of Bio 1&2?

Hi, I’m a nuclear medicine technologist by trade and in our school program we did not take any general bio courses, but did take A&P with labs, will this suffice for the gen bio requirement for most schools?

Also took a load of physics courses in my program (College Physics 1&2, Radiation Physics, etc), but none with a lab component! Will I need to re-take Physics all over again with a lab component?

Med schools are super duper picky, and I would say there is a strong likelihood that you will need to take gen bio 1/2, and physics with lab 1/2. Again, I could be wrong, but from everything I’ve heard about this, med schools pretty strictly require this path.

There are, however, some schools that do not “require” any coursework to be taken, but that you can prove that you understand all of the fundamental concepts in those courses. For instance, AP does not cover any fundamental biology (and in my opinion, bio 1 should be a required prereq to AP), such as the cell cycle, structure, processes, etc. Bio 2 focuses on organism naming syntax and histology for the most part. Very different course work than AP.

An example would be Dr. Gray’s home school (and mine!), CU Anschutz, which just transitioned to a “no requirement” school. This does not mean that you can just not take these courses, but rather that you must prove that you know the material by other verifiable sources - not just MCAT. These schools might** accept a no lab physics and AP in place of bio, but I can’t say for certain. You might try reaching out to these schools and asking their admissions office directly, instead of relying on a stranger over reddit (because we all know how that goes, hah).