Anatomy is killing me!!

And I don’t mean academically. Even though that is a touchy issue right now, as long as I pull this last exam through in a truly sterling manner, I should be okay.
But physically, it is destroying me!! It was bad enough spending 3 hours in the lab at a time with trochanteric bursitis in one hip. Now I have it in both. And the doctor has sent me back to the wheelchair. I certainly have a lot of admiration for people who deal with some of the accessibility issues and other stuff like that on a daily basis, year in and year out.
The good news is that my doctor says that once anatomy is over (in two weeks, thank goodness!), and I’m not on my feet as fast, he is hopeful that it will heal quickly. So all is not lost. It was just that when he said we were going to have to start worrying about avascular necrosis from the constant swelling and pressure. . . . well, he kind of shook my world!
So, anyway. I know it’s all okay. Just venting a little frustration. Five steroid injections, 4 in the left hip, and now another in the right hip, since the beginning of February, and being diabetic, it seems like the battle never ends. . . but it will!
In the meantime, I’m busy planning my trip to Denver. Can’t wait to get to the conference, meet up with old friends, and learn new stuff. Always a great time!

Good Heavens, Linda, that is just awful. I really feel for you and what you must be going through just to finish your lab class. I will be thinking about you and hoping things get better once the class is over.

It is a shame, having to go through all this when you are trying to become a doctor

Here’s to better days ahead free of pain.

All will end soon; so just keep fighting. I can remember when we finished anatomy - 5 quarters worth…that 1 year & 10 weeks in English - several of us walked all the way across the street to Bogies (awesome burgers, onion rings & COLD BEER). A relatively small group of us floated an entire keg of Killian’s Red! The manager came out in a celebratory fashion to announce that our group had tapped into a fresh keg & that he was serving us the LAST PITCHER! Thank God for happy hour prices or we’d had to have all obtained more student loans! Needless to say, I was NOT able to ride my bicycle home & Wendy had to come retrieve me & an equally intoxicated neighbor. We had planned to knock back a few, so I had ridden my bike & not driven the car…whew!
Now, I would not suggest you celebrate in a similar fashion cause I know you’re not a drinker. But, it will be a massive relief to have that sucker under your belt. Like OChem & Calc are pre-med killers, anatomy in DO schools are an MS-1 killer.
I have utmost faith in you!

Wow, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with so much pain and hassle. It is a great feeling when anatomy is over! We finished with it in February and I don’t miss it one bit!
Hang in there, I hope you start feeling better soon. Kick anatomy’s butt!
Have fun at the convention. Wish I could make it, but timing is bad this year. When’s it going to be in Houston?

Hang in there, Linda. This is going to be a lot like banging your head against a brick wall. It’s going to feel so good when you stop! I hope your joints start cooperating with you soon.