Anatomy text preferences?

So, experienced med students, what are your favorite Anatomy texts? The next class needs to know!
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Moore’s Clinically-Oriented Anatomy - especially the blue boxes
Rohen’s Color Atlas of Anatomy - real pictures instead of somebody’s idea of what it’s supposed to look like
Somebody will probably tell you to get a Netter’s, but when I try to use that book, I find myself thumbing back and forth over a large span of pages trying to find stuff. Those are the three I use, so hope that helps!
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I’ll agree on the Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy. It’s great! But I prefer Clemente’s Anatomy Atlas. Just a matter of personal preference. They’re both good.

Ok, I’ll be somewhat different. I liked netter a lot and used it to just sit in class and listen to what he was saying and find the structures as he discussed them. I do agree that doing Moore is the best thing. I liked the book alot and used it frequently.

I used Netter and Rohen’s Altas but if I were to do the class over I would use Clemente’s Atlas as opposed to Netter’s. The pictures seemed more realistic to me and it also had text with it which Netter does not have. I also used and really liked BRS’s Gross Anatomy book for quick look up and review. I used Moore for the blue boxes and when I felt like I needed more info on a particular subject.

I’m a huge fan of lord God Netter. I also loved Rohen’s (although I discovered it far too late). Moore’s COA is good, but the ‘baby Moore’ is even better. It is the abridged version of the full COA. Sort of “all the blue boxes without the other ramblings”.
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Do schools carry all of them so that we can look and compare them, or do they just carry one that they like? If they carry just one, I better start finding some place that has them all so that I can compare. Any suggestions?

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I used Netter’s Atlas and read the blue boxes in Moore. My Gross Anatomy reading was Snell. I also used Snell for Neuroanatomy too. Great books and well written by the former chairman of the Anatomy Department at George Washington University. His case studies are classics. I found the Rohen book useful for checking before dissection but not worth the money as my dissections were not going to look like those in the book. You also need a good radiology and cross-section book too.

Don’t worry about the availability of books here at WVSOM. . . they have all of them, and while Moore is required, which atlas you use is left up to you. Rohen, Grant, Netter’s, Clemente. . . they’re all here! And the prices at the bookstore here are pretty much the same as you find online.

I used Moore, Rohen and Netter. also Grant Disector – I can also recommend the Gold Standard anatomy available on-line. This has the advantage of offering self quizzing with multiple photos of the same structure on several people.
The picture atlases like Netter are good because they show things as a generalized composite. This helps to learn how the arrangement is supposed to be. The photo atlases are more realistic, but they usually show the structures as seen on one individual, where in real life there is a lot of variation. Your cadaver will look different depending on individual anatomy, your dissection skill, preservation, and light. In this sense the more generalized drawings are sometimes more helpful for learning the key features.
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God Netter’s Atlas
Rohen & Yokoochi’s Atlas - photos of actual cadaveral dissections
Any good text
Board Review Series: Anatomy

Oh come on Dave, you can get loads of Cadaver photos off the internet for free. Haven’t you been googling?

i would recommend netter and rohen
also - i would HIGHLY suggest baby moore over the full text. while i really liked the full version, i absolutely did NOT have time to read the full…

I concur with Old Man Dave. Netter, Rohen, and BRS were my mainstay.

For Neuroanatomy, since Nat metioned it:
Text - Martin’s Neuroanatomy (text & atlas) - superb book used in my NS degree program for PhDs
Supplemental text - Snell’s Clinical Neuroanatomy
Atlas - combined Snell’s Neuro Atlas & the atlas contain in the Martin text.

I am using small Snell for Neuro, Netters for both Neuro and Physio (new books or stand alones), and Baby Guyton for Physio (+Netter).
For Biochem I use Lippincott and THE Biochemistry Web Page.