ancient genetics professor

So I am in my 4th year of post bacc courses at a small womens college in Raleigh, and my genetics prof who has been at the school since 1972 still hasn’t heard that cloning has occured in animals other than Dolly!!! He last updated his notes in 1999. I am sooo frustrated in this class, I don’t even want to study for it. Should I withdraw, and have the W on my transcript, take the course at State, or just suck it up and deal with paying a lot of money for old information??

I hate to say it but my advice is to suck it up, avoid the W, ignore the money, get a good grade and move on. Yeah, it sucks but avoid the W at all costs

I would agree with goniff.

I definitely feel so bad for you, b/c genetics is such an interesting field. If it’s going to console you a little bit tough… most of the genetics that is cover in a basic intro class doesn’t go far beyond Mendelian rules etc… so not much has changed in this aspect since 1970’s. Just get a good grade and… don’t forget to comment on in in your course evaluation.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your genetics experience in med school!!!

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