ancient medical records / student health form

I’m filling out forms for my first year (optometry school, not med school), and I’m not sure how to handle the student health form which documents immunizations. My medical records are ancient and the only ones my mom saved are missing the dates of the required immunizations. When I called my old high school to ask if they had any documentation on file for me they just laughed. wink.gif Short of having to go through a series of titers to test for immunity to these diseases, is there anything else I can do? Is anyone else in the same situation?

I am “sort of” in the same boat. My records are so old, my mother does not even know where they possibly could be! The school I will be attending required titers (5 all together). If any of the tests are negative, you have to prove re-vaccination. My mumps was negative (goes to show how old I am because they didn’t even have childhood vaccination against it huh.gif ) so I had a MMR vaccination a week ago Friday. As far as the other vaccinations, I personally contacted student health at my school to see if I had to revaccinate on everything ohmy.gif . I was pleasantly surprised when I was told to have my FP document “no childhood records found”. I guess I would just suggest to you to contact the school and ask about their policies, but I am afraid you will have to get the titers afterall. It is only a few vials of blood. I know my insurance covered the costs. (I contacted my insurance company first). Hope this helps.