And don't forget Mary Renard's birthday!.

Hope you had a wonderful day, Mary!! Happy, happy birthday!!

Happy birthday, Mary! Did you guys plan to be born like this?

I dunno about Linda but I was born on my parents’ first anniversary. Yesterday would’ve been their 53rd anniversary so you do the math


Happy Birthday Mary and Linda from a fellow capricorn - just turned 42 but don’t feel it!!

Thanks for all your posts. It would be easy to get discouraged sometimes, but reading the posts here really help with my focus. The acceptances, your description Linda of your recent ER rotation, and everyone’s sound advice (one step at a time is my current mantra) is truly invaluable.


Happy belated birthday Linda and Mary…I, too, am a December baby…but I’m a Sag born on the 17th.

Hope you had great days!


Happy late birthday, Mary!

Echoing the happy b-day greetings. Hope it was a good one, Mary!

Bappy Hirthday! Whave tonother Hiskey!

Happy Birthday Mary, I hope you the best year ever!

HB Mary!

thanks y’all! I worked on my actual birthday (the 27th) and have been too overwhelmed by Christmas activities to do anything since. But that’s okay, my kids sent me flowers so what more could I want?