And so it begins...

Hey guys- been off the radar for a while, thought I’d check in. Got moved into my new apartment. Started my classes this week. Taking Bio and Algebra at Northwestern this quarter and then going full time at Northeastern Illinois University in May. Nice thing about NEIU: same distance from my apartment as NU, 1/3 the cost! So far my classes are very interesting. Got a German bio prof, Italian math prof. Now if I just had a Japanese history prof, I could drum up a very interesting game of Axis & Allies ! Doing my math homework a week before it’s due. NEVER done that before!

On a personal level, my weight loss progress continues- broke the 50 lb mark yesterday. I’m melting! And that’s what I got.

Congrats on the weight loss progress! That’s great to hear.

And well done on beginning the pre-med courses as well. And on doing your homework so early. That shows dedication!

Hey, I just read your post! It sounds like you’re doing real well…with classes and with weight loss. Good work! Just had to say. You’re in Illinois? I grew up in Naperville. I love Chicago!


Naperville is nice- lived in Downers Grove for a spell.