Animal or Micro Bio - which is more helpful?

I know I’ve seen this discussion before but cannot find the thread. I am registering for classes and can take either Animal or Micro for my year of BIO and I’m just wondering which course has been more helpful to you (for those who took both).

Micro. Animal wastes a lot of your time with invertebrates and insects. The mammalian bio that would actually be helpful is only a tiny portion of the class, or at least that was my impression. To truly determine this, you’ll need to see the syllabi from each class and figure it out.

Thanks Mary! I’m taking it at GMU so you know what the courses are like there.


I’m with Mary here.

I’m taking both biologies this semester. I absolutely love Micro…My best biology class so far.

And I’m really not enjoying animal biology…it’s not particularly useful for us…

Professor Royt, who teaches micro, is a very good teacher.

I really recommend the class. But if you take it, be prepared that you have to go to the lab more than once a week. Some experiments require you to go the lab after 24 or 48 hours after the class to read the test results and stuff like this.

by the way…I pm’ed you about chemistry.