ANKI flashcards...for test prep

Hello, I’m new here.

Okay. Here’s my test prep approach. I decided to go with the Examkracker books and turn the entire thing into ANKI flashcards (a free program you can download, which repeats the questions you don’t know more often, and the ones you know less often).

I’m currently living/volunteering in a humanitarian project in Latin America until June and it’s been quite a few years since I took my science courses, so I plan to do a detailed review.

Anyone else using EK + ANKI for memorization and to quiz yourself with the flashcards?

I’d love to have study buddies to exchange flashcards…

I’m using EK, too. When I get the kids in bed, I’ll check out the iPad app and see about getting set up.

I am also using EK Audio Osmosis and have been following their study plan loosely.

I think your idea to exchange cards is great.

I’m doing the EK series, and doing online flashcards as well. I’m using myself for the cards, mainly because there’s an iPhone/iPad app that allows me to import all my flashcards from Quizlet to my devices so I can study on the go. But an exchange would be awesome!

Lorien, What app are you using? I just looked at the ANKI app and it’s $25—ouch!


Yea! I only use the computer version, which is free.

Maybe Lorien’s version is a better for iPad.

Last year I made like 800 or 900 bio flashcards, if you want you can have them, but they’re for desktop.

I seem to have entered a “tangible” phase and now I walk around with little packs of handwritten flashcards =D

I need to look into them…I do remember there being a few sets of really good A&P flashcards on quizlet. And, I too have my binder clipped index cards–for gen chem. Those mono- and polyatomic ions NEVER go away! :slight_smile:

I’ll get on this…swear! It’s just curse of the old premed to have more on his/her plate than is healthy!

Yes, I’ve been working full-time and studying too. So I’m on my desk about 15 hours a day!

For my sanity, I decided to start so shift to “offline” studying. But since I’m out of the US until summer, I was surprised to realize here knows what flashcards are!

After going store after store, I had to settle for a notepad (0.10 cents for 100 pages, not bad) and make my own. But I’m on it now!


I’ll add that while I find that it helps to sometimes review without internet distractions, and I sit and study from a book and make flashcards (with doodles to memorize better), I do have an online test-prep buddy.

A lot of nontrads are forming groups to study, and we report daily to each other.

Interestingly enough, it’s working beautifully!

@madnessisay - $25 for an app for flashcards??? That’s ridiculous! I use an app called Flashcards++, which if I remember correctly, was ~$3.99. Absolutely worth every penny. You just make the flashcards on Quizlet, and then go the app on your iPhone or iPad (I have both, and the app does work for both devices) and import them. I think you can also make the flashcards directly on the app, although that’s kind of a pain in the butt, to use the touch-type-pad to enter all that info.

One of the really cool things about Quizlet is that if you purchase a “membership” (I think it’s called Quizlet Plus, and costs $15 or $20 per year), you can add images to your flashcards. TOTALLY worth it. Especially for concepts like mitosis and meiosis, or for organic chemistry reaction mechanisms. You can use Google’s image search, save the image to your computer (I’ve got a MacBook Pro so I import them to iPhoto) and then add them to one of the “sides” of your flashcard. Pretty cool.

Anyway, that’s my strategy. Here’s the link to my Quizlet account, in case anyone wants to access my flashcards. I’ve only done one MCAT unit (the first Examkrackers unit from the Biology study review book), but I’ve got other flashcards up there too, for various class (i.e., gen bio, orgo, genetics). Lorien’s Quizlet account

Happy flashcarding, everyone!

Thanks for the information on the flashcards. I just signed up on, and there are a lot of options. I did sign up for the quizletplus account since you can input your own images. Thanks again for the information!!

Hi, This is my first time on here and I am so OVERWHELMED with studying for the mcat. I took the Princeton Review Course and it was just so much information. I’m trying to study on my own but am simply burried.

I read that some old pre meds are forming study groups. How do I get involved and any advice?


Overwhelmed? Nicole, you’re in good company PMd you!

I just took a leave from the non-profit to focus on books, so I’m just about to really roll up my sleeves. But my test is in September (the med school I want to attend sets the date, not me).

I hope everyone’s test prep is going well

Hi did you get involved with the group.I am also trying to find something like that …

Please reply to me if you come to know any.