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Sign in. I just registered three weeks ago, went to the OPM Conference in Chicago, and was AMAZED at the amount of great info presented, the genuine desire of the Board of OPM to help non-traditional students, and how friendly everyone was. Register, and just say hello. Make a comment. This is a great group of people, dedicated to helping YOU. It’s worth it!

I agree wholeheartedly!

And an added note: To all of you “lurkers” - people who read on OPM but who rarely, if ever, post - please chime in on the forum!

I am giving this advice to myself as much as to anyone else. I have been a notorious lurker my entire time on OPM. I posted a mere dozen or so times in the 6 months I’ve been registered.


I’ve found just reading OPM to be helpful, so I’m sure participating will make it an even better resource for me.

It’s only when you invest something that you really get a return.