Another GPA calculation question

Hi all,
My head is spinning with all the possibilities regarding how I will look to the various schools when I apply (2005). Anyway, can anyone tell me how you were received by the schools if you had a similar situation…
I have started taking some classes and have completed 3 (with a 4.0!). In Sept. I'll start full time post-bacc. I've been staring at an excel spreadsheet with all my grades so far and evaluating how I would look to DO and MD schools. I am assuming I'll come close to a 4.0 (come hell or high water!) Here are my stats:
I calculated these assuming DO calculations use only the most recent course grade and the science GPA doesn't include math and engineering.
Undergrad (~20 years ago)
GPA 2.75
BCPM 2.43
With post-bacc the MD way
GPA 3.06
BCPM 3.15
With post-bacc the DO way
GPA 3.2
BCP 3.68
Will the DO schools really look at me in this new improved light??? Did I make the correct assumptions for the calculations? I sure do like my new potential if so… It is wild how different the numbers can be for MD and DO! Am I being realistic here?
Thanks everyone for all your answers… I did a few searches already on the topic to get this far.

It is pretty incredible that the DO GPA is boosted that much. One of the best threads on the subject can be found here. Atty was subsequently banned because her views didn’t mesh with Linda’s and Jeff’s, and Dave never even responded, but it’s one of the best insights you’ll find. The thread was later continued in a different forum (I forget which one), and one or two people had the guts to openly state that they appreciated Atty’s contributions, but the rest just remained silent – which is what I often witness in the job I’m in now. People are too afraid to speak out - conforming is much safer.
Looks like you’ll be in good shape for DO schools. I’ll be applying DO next year. From my understanding, an MBA will be an asset no matter where you go.

Since your asking for opinions I’ll give one. My view on the post by ATTY was that the “tone” was very negative and that there was a personal swipe at Dave and the ostepoathic degree in general. My view was clearly not held by everyone (yourself and effex), but I think the majority of folks shared my view. Maybe not. It is very hard to know what the real intent of the poster was based on text. Maybe most people were following the “Thumper” rule and not so much conforming. That whole thread did seem very out of character with the general nature of this forum. There’s my opinion on the matter.
A couple of questions.
1) Was Atty actually banned? If so, that does seem harsh for one series of bad manners!
2) What was the actual story on the AAOCOMAS (too many vowels in there?)? Have they been using grade substitution since 92? It never got clarified.

QUOTE (dmaes @ Sep 3 2003, 09:10 AM)
2) What was the actual story on the AAOCOMAS (too many vowels in there?)? Have they been using grade substitution since 92? It never got clarified.

Hi folks,
We may need to research this and get something under the FAQs so that these questions could be answered when they appear. Any DO-types out there who can answer this would be welcome. If not, I will attempt to contact someone who could give a definitive answer. rolleyes.gif

Thanks for the confirmation. Good to see there is still hope for me! Didn't mean to stir up some old sensitivities with that one. I am happy for the feedback from one and all. Like many others here, I am making a huge commitment, without any guarantees, by dropping everything to chase the grades.
BTW, I started my fulltime post-bac classes this week. Wow, am I ever the oldest student in each class… I must be at least 10-15 years older than everyone. It will take a little time to get used to it, but getting a second chance at freshmen year feels incredible. If I knew then what I know now… I'm sure you've all heard it before. This time I KNOW what I can do.
Thanks again for a response.