Another interview!

Drexel invited me to interview, I got the email yesterday. I have heard that interviews this late in the cycle (Im scheduled for March 5th) are usually for spots on the waitlist, but thats where I am elsewhere anyway (UNDMJ, SUNY Upstate.) Any one else interview at Drexel? Advice? Im more excited for this interview because Ive added some new experiences to my resume, shadowing and some volunteer work, and the doc Ive been shadowing is psyched to write me a letter, he really wants to help me get into medical school. Plus on Tuesday I found out that my chemo seems to be working, six months after my brain surgery and my MRI was clear, the tumor is stable, stable is GOOD. My Neurologist is very pleased with how the treatment is going. Wish me luck at Drexel,


Awesome, Former Artist! Now to rock the interview.

Best of luck,