another math question

Alright… do I need to bite the bullet and just take Calculus or would a class that combines trig and calculus be better suited for the science classes? I was wanting to sign up for a summer course, but I’m not sure which class to sign up for. Believe me…anything that could get me out of straight calculus would make me very happy!!! I’m not worried about the science classes, just Calculus.

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There are several things to consider:

First- what math classes are pre-requisites for gen chem and physics? You will want to make sure that you have taken any necessary pre-reqs for those courses at your school.

Second - have you given any consideration to what medical schools you think you want to apply to? Several require calculus. If several of the schools you are interested in require calculus, you may want to go ahead and take it now.

Lastly - what is your current level of math competence? A good grasp of algebra is generally required for gen chem. For physics, you will want a grasp of algebra and trig. If you are rusty in either of those, that might be where you want to start. If those skills are solid, then base you decision on the first two points above.

Honestly, calculus wasn’t THAT bad. I enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than pre-calc.

Take Calc. It’s really not THAT bad. Easier than trig IMO.

Can be a little abstract - kinda like figuring out orgo molecules in your head.

Technically, at least when I was an applicant, most med schools did not require Calc or require that you take calc-based physics of chemistry. The algebra-based or non-calc versions of both would suffice. Furthermore, there is no math - not just a case of no calculus - on the MCAT.

Now, I am not saying this to discourage you from taking calc. I took calc 1&2 at a Univ where it is a heavy-duty weed out sequence for not only pre-meds; but also math & engineering majors too. I did not perceive much advantage for MCAT or medical school, per say. However, I do find my intuitive understanding of the relationships b/t formulae, their assoc graphs & a variety of relationship underlying medical principles to have been greatly enhanced & well worth the immense pain of having gone through the calc sequence.

So, my recommendation on how to answer your question is:

1 - know your own math aptitude,

2 - thoroughly research the entrance requirements of the med schools you most likely apply to &

3 - throw all of this into a bowl, mix with a smidgen of single-malt scotch (quantity to taste) - then enjoy your answer!

I like how you said “immense pain” in describing the calculus experience. I have visions of me being in intense pain while taking the class - so now you just reaffirmed what I knew. Maybe that’s why I’m having so many tornado dreams. ? .

Thanks for your replies. I am going to bite the bullet and take it. I think I may be taking a calculus & trig course this summer. I did well in algebra and really clicked with it. Hopefully, I can get an A. I’ll do anything…well, all most anything to get those A’s.