Another new post

Just to let those of you who don’t read the diaries on a regular basis know, I have posted yet another new post! Hope you enjoy it!

Where ARE you??? I haven’t seen you online in AGES!



Where ARE you??? I haven’t seen you online in AGES!


Waa Hoo!

I know where to find Linda! I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours with her in Lewisburg, WV. I loved visiting the school and watching everyone preparing for their end of block exams. She’s looking great and absorbing medicine like a sponge.


I’m still here. It just seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day right now. I not only have my classes and clinic time, but I am doing a work-study program this year, and am putting in about 10 hours a week on research and other projects. Not complaining though! I love every minute of it! I’ve assisted in designing a research survey, and now the results are coming in so I am beginning to compile data. When it’s all together, I will be working with Dr. Karen Steele and Dr. Helen Baker to write an article, hopefully to be published next spring. I’ve also just completed designing two webpages for osteopathic principles and practice department, as well as a new brochure for the student clinic. In other words, I’ve been kind of busy.
Just finished our first block of this year last week. Our exam was a killer . . . but luckily I had studied the right stuff! It was really heavy in pharmacology, but somehow I had a feeling it might be, so I spent many extra hours on just that (and microbiology, too. After all, we all know, bugs n’ drugs are BIG on boards).
Sorry I’ve been away. I’ll try to get back into the swing of things again!

So nice to hear from you! I’ve been away as well - trying to stay alive during anatomy. Damn, that is a hard course, but just three more weeks to go before the final. Seems like I have no other life but this, and with all the life changes, I think it is catching up to me, even with the A on the last exam. I’m in a foul mood, but saw your post, which put a smile on my face - I’m so happy for you Linda … and I still wish I was at WV.

I wish you were here at WVSOM, too. We have a really great first year class and you would have fit in well. But, I understand your choice, and wish you nothing but the best in your med school career.
That said. . . isn’t anatomy a killer? But it will be over soon, and it sounds like you’re doing great. And, even though it’s really difficult, it’s still so much fun, actually learning while seeing what things REALLY look like. And as you learn more and more about OMT, pathophysiology of diseases, and more, you will begin to really appreciate all you learned in anatomy. It really helps to put it all together!
Keep up the good work . . . and remember to try to find time to still enjoy family and friends!