Another Newb

Hi everyone,

I’m so pleased that I have found this forum. I barely qualify for it (24 yrs old) but I’ll be well into my 30’s before I’m finished my medical training. This leads me to feel “non-traditional” compared to friends of mine who are already in med school at 23 years old.

I plan on becoming an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, are there any pre-dental students on this forum? There must be a few of you.

Some of the info on this forum won’t be relivant to me, as I am in Canada not the USA, but reading the encouraging stories is what I’m here for. I also must say I’m exceedingly jealous that American Med schools let students include pre-req courses taken during the summer or on a part-time basis. (that’s my understanding of the rule anyhow). Unfortunately here I’m only allowed to include pre-req’s taken during terms where I took a full course load, and no summer semisters allowed (unless I took 4-5 courses that semister). I don’t know why Canadian schools are so picky. Maybe if they weren’t, we could solve the GP shortage. But I digress…

Nice you meet you all. Good luck in your classes!

Hello and welcome.

Hello Toothie, from a fellow Canadian here.

I am currently working my pre-reqs, and plan to apply at Quebec universities in one year: McGill, Sherbrooke, Laval, and U. Montreal.

I don’t recall seeing any of the above requiring that prereqs specifically be met during regular semesters. So your post ‘perked’ my attention.

Does this ‘restriction’ apply to several/all of the universities you are contemplating? I do recall something along those lines at one of the western Canadian universities; I don’t remember which one that was.

Which province are you in?

Good luck to you!


Hi Ron, I looked into Western and U of T specifically. McGill I have looked at, but not to the extent of checking the details for applications. I’m in Ontario, and I can imagine that any Universities in Quebec have slightly different rules. But if you are looking into applying out of province, I would definitely double check the regulations regarding what courses (and under what circumstance they were taken) you can use for applications.

Hello all.

My name is Tim, and I recently started on a post-bac pre-med program at UNCG. I Just turned 40 a couple weeks ago, so I think I safely qualify as non-traditional.

I started college many years ago having little idea what I really wanted to do. I worked in behavioural health for 10 years before getting a degree in Theatre Technology/Design from Purdue University.

Somewhere along the way I picked up an EMT certification and worked as a volunteer EMT for a couple years before letting the certification expire. After the degree I shifted gears all the way into theater. I worked as a stage electrican/rigger/mop-boy for several years before marrying and moving to Greensboro. My wife has a nice job, and I went to the local community college to pick up where I left off with EMS. Family, friends (especially one who has been working as a paramedic for many years), and a my instructors have all been encouraging me to take a look medicine as a career option. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, but I had a “pre-professional health careers advisor” years ago tell me that I shouldn’t even consider advanced medical training due to my sketchy academic history at the time. Recently, though, I’ve been maintaining a 4.0 gpa.

So I’m here now hoping for some evidence that I’m not completely wasting my time on a dream destined to remain just that. I’ve become a little more encouraged by what I’ve seen here on OPM so far, but I’m still uncertain about my prospects for attaining my goals.

Glad to see a few others here appreciating the same experience. :wink:

Tim Forsythe