Another newbie with questions in CA!

I am 27 and graduating this May with my BA in Psych. I took psych because I originally wanted to go to grad school for psychology, but the more I learned about it, the less I wanted to do it. It has taken me a long time just to get my undergrad as I have worked full-time all the way through, and did the community college thing part-time for several years until I could transfer a 4-year. My GPA now is ok but definitely not fantastic, 3.2. In the course of undergrad, I have taken one year of Bio and general chem, just as electives as I have always been interested in science; however, I only did mediocre in those courses. My problem now is that I do not want stay at my present school to do the rest of the sciences because I can’t afford it; it is private and costs upwards of 26,000 a year. On top of that, the science dept is known for being particularly hairy, which is something I don’t need. There are no formal post-bac premed programs here, and I am wondering how one applies to take prereqs at another 4 year university, and is financial aid available? Any guidance you can give would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I applied to my local state school as a non-degreee seeking student and did not have any problems. I was eligible for financial aid when I became more than half time. THat is taking >6 hrs. The financial aid consisted of loan deferal eligability and loans. I took the deferal and turned down the loans. Hope this is of some help.

At least until recently, many CSU schools had the option of enrolling as a second-bachelor’s student. This entitles you to some though not all financial aid; and to departmental and advising support. If you’re in the Bay Area, SFSU has a big community of post-bacs. Good luck!

hello scangel
I don’t know if you’ve seen the CA post bacc blues thread, but you may have a bit of a tough time. I submitted my application to CSU Hayward for their postbacc premed program which basically consists of only the sciences you need. To do that at Hayward and I think most CSUs, you apply as a grad student unclassified, so you may miss the crunch that is affecting the second bacc programs. I believe you can get aid for one year as a postbacc. And the CSUs’ tuition rates are far more reasonable than a private school. As of now, for all tuition and fees, Hayward is $876/quarter. But i hear rumors that tuition will go up sharply.
As for 2nd baccs, I have a friend that started at Hayward this quarter for her 2nd bacc in biochem and she had no trouble at all getting in or getting her classes.
I hope this helps. It’s tricky for Californian postbaccs right now. There’s always open university where you can take the classes ad hoc by showing up the first day, getting permission, then paying the $$. That ends up costing more though.
Good luck!