Another OPMer passes a milestone!!!

I received an acceptance to DMU-COM today!!! I am so excited!

I thank all of you on OPM for your advice, knowledge, and support. You folks all made my trip thus far (I have a looong way to go) a great experience.

Now it’s time to pop open that bottle of Glenfiddich and fire up the Montecristo I’ve been saving!

Congratulations! Are you waiting on other interviews still or was DMU-COM your first choice? Regardless, enjoy the feelings you’re having right now!!

Enjoy your post-acceptance drink!




Wooo Hooo!!! That’s GREAT!! Congratulations!!!

Thanks guys! The past couple of days I have been on cloud nine.
Now it’s back to work for me. I have a paper on the meaning of the images within the movie “The Deer Hunter” due tomorrow, and a political science exam first thing tomorrow too.
Best of luck to all of my co-OPMer’s in this cycle. You are all a great bunch of people.
PS: (To Linda) I am waiting to hear on a few more schools where I’ve interviewed. Also, I have some more interviews scheduled (my bank account willing). However, if I didn’t receive another acceptance I would still feel blessed. The pressure is off.

"The pressure is off."
Ian, this is so great. And I agree, you’re blessed - as are all of us who get to follow our dream. I may bitch and moan about the hours I’m putting in, but I love what I do. How many working folks can say that? Every day, I feel so fortunate. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your acceptance! That’s awesome!