Another pre-med intro...

Hello, everybody! I just found this Web site the other day. I have been a member of for a while and I think found a link here from there. Here’s my oh-so-fascinating story:
I am 34yo. I started college right out of high school, intending to do pre-med. Well, it turns out that I wasn’t ready to dedicate myself to books quite then and only lasted in undergrad for two years. So, I took a REALLY long break and did a whole bunch of partying all along the west coast. cool.gif My husband and I moved to the east coast (what a shock to a west coast girl’s sytem!) and got jobs. My employer pays for tuition, if the education is job/industry related. So, I finished my bachelor’s in business information systems last April (2002). I immediately began an MBA, as my employer is paying for that, too. biggrin.gif I will probably do a HR specialty and may also do some healthcare admin stuff, though I’d have to pay for the healthcare admin stuff myself–and that’s pricey (University of Phoenix Online–very expensive). Anyway, so I decided recently that it is HIGH time I get back into the medicine thing because I will NOT deal with the corporate mentality for the rest of my career. I simply cannot do it. I figure the MBA will be great background for running a practice or understanding where hosp administrators are coming from (or BEING a hospital administrator, even), so it’s worthwhile. So, this spring, I started as an on-campus student (strange to be IN a classroom–it’s been a good 20+ years) and am taking calculus as my only class because I couldn’t get into a bio or chem class that fits with my schedule (I work full-time, 14:15 until 23:00). The weird thing is, I’m enjoying calculus! Who knew?! In the fall I plan to take bio and chem. My MBA tuition assistance runs out at the end of October (I will have reached the maximum for the year), so there should only be about two months of overlap between the MBA and the two science classes. I think that will work.
I am hopeful to do well in the science classes and MCAT. I’m trying not to get too heady and think I’ll be able to get in to med school. I have a great academic history (graduated high school with a 3.86, undergrad with a 3.96, and so far in grad have a 3.92), but it has been a LONG time since I have sought to understand heavy science. So, we’ll see.
Because I live in the Baltimore/Washington area, I have several options for med school. I would LOVE to get into JHU, but I’m thinking that the reality is that I won’t be able to get in there with the help of Jesus, a shoehorn, and a jug of vaseline. wink.gif
Strangely, in thinking about what I may be good at medically, pathology seems a good fit. I’m not overly personable, I don’t like children, and I am absolutely FASCINATED by medical puzzles. You know–those forensic shows. And Dr. Michael Baden is absolutely my hero. Pathology as an ultimate goal isn’t spoken of much (that I have seen). Anyone interested in this specific subfield, or is it just me? Anyone hear this before: “Internists know everything but do nothing, surgeons do everything but know nothing, and pathologists know everything and do everything–just too late” laugh.gif I like that–I saw it in a book about residency that I read once-upon-a-time, I think.
Anyway, I guess I’ll end my fascinating tome and let you get on with your lives. I am very pleased to be joining you all!

Hi Lmwirth!
Welcome to OPM!! I’m in the Dc area (Gaithersburg,MD) and also interested in Pathology. I hope to specialize in breast cancer pathology and will be applying MD/PhD (in pathology or cancer epidemiology) this summer. My background is posted somehwere on this site so I won’t repost here. As for medical schools after considering every school on the planet these past few months, I’m leaning strongly toward GWU, Howard, Maryland, Meharry, and UT-Houston.
I also enjoy a movie/book with a pathological twist and I’m currently reading for the 4 time “A Case of Need” by Micheal Critchon.

Hi lmwirth! I’m in Baltimore myself, and we have another member here from Balto. also. smile.gif I really want to stay in Baltimore, so I’ll be applying to JHU & Maryland (as well as out of state schools). I know JHU is a long shot but it never hurts to try. smile.gif Whereabouts in the area do you live?

QUOTE (lmwirth @ Feb 13 2003, 01:40 AM)
with the help of Jesus, a shoehorn, and a jug of vaseline.

Hey lmwirth,
Welcome to OPM! Do you mind if use that in my admissions interviews should I ever get the opportunity?

Hello, everyone, and thank you for the warm welcomes. smile.gif
I live in Odenton and work in Columbia (and drive down to College Park twice a week for a fascinating calculus class).
I’m glad (and a little surprised) to see the echoed sentiment about pathology–that’s great! I wish I had time to read some forensics books, I’ll tell you! Between my current operations management class and the calculus homework, I have VERY little time to do much else. Eventually, though–I’ll get there.
Finally, about the little saying, it came from a friend. She is hysterically funny and it just came flying out of her mouth one day. We have used it profusely since then. It creates a very funny picture, doesn’t it?
Is everyone showing up for the festivities in DC (well, Alexandria) later this year? I have informed my husband that we are taking a minivacation then. cool.gif I am already looking forward to it, and to conversing as much as time allows on this board. Thank you all again.

QUOTE (lmwirth @ Feb 12 2003, 05:40 PM)
Anyone hear this before: "Internists know everything but do nothing, surgeons do everything but know nothing, and pathologists know everything and do everything--just too late" :lol: I like that--I saw it in a book about residency that I read once-upon-a-time, I think.

I suppose you've already heard this one then: Specialty Joke

anyway - welcome to OPM and best of everything on your journey -