Another question re: amount of orgo needed?

I'm currently enrolled in organic chem I… and am planning on taking the August MCAT. Any thoughts on whether it is possible and/or advisable to take both Organic II and an MCAT prep class simultaneously this summer?? Or, would strictly studying for the MCAT via the review course be a better utilization of my time and simply wait until the fall to take the 2nd sem. of organic. Meanwhile, if I were to take orgo in thr fall, I could take something like Biochem in the summer… to further assist with MCAT prep but without the added hassle of the lab… (I say this only b/c I have only the bare prereqs going into the MCAT and have heard that Biochem is often a very useful class to also have)??

are you planning to apply in June 2003 ?

Biochem is very useful! However, it was a very tough class and I'm not sure I would recommend combining biochem or Org with MCAT prep in the summer. That's some very intense work to combine in a short period of time! If you are the kind of student who can mentally sprint through the summer and sorta set the rest of your life aside for a few months, you may be able to do it.
Here's a thought, can you audit one of those classes so that you can get the exposure without the pressure of the grade while preparing for the MCAT? Then when you take it for real in the Fall you have the advantage in the class!
Good luck!

Biochemistry is not per se tested on the MCAT but organic II will. Although the MCAT is now supposedly taking off some organic in lieu of more genetics/DNA questions (check for latest MCAT topics) I would be hesitant to take the MCAT w/o having taken organic II. I would suggest getting a hold of AAMC VI and taking the whole exam timed. Once you see how you did, then you can make the choice of either taking the MCAT in Aug w/o organic II, or taking organic II in the summer and studying for the MCAT (hard to do in my honest opinion), or just waiting until next April to take the MCAT. If you are non-trad, getting A's is very important, as well as kicking rear on the MCAT. While some folks can take a summer course and study for the MCAT and end up with an A in the course, and 30+ on the MCAT, many cannot. You know yourself best, how are your grades recently? can you take a summer course at high speed, and put enough hours for MCAT prep? it takes a good 3-4 hours daily (with some days off) to prepare for the MCAT and you have to be consistent. So, only you can answer all these questions. Remember, it is not how fast you can get there, but just getting there period. I would opt for the slow pace but good grades and solid MCAT versus possibly not getting a good grade and not doing too hot on the MCAT.