Answer from Med School regarding CC/CELP/AP

Although this could have gone in another topic about CLEP, I though that this would be more visible as a standalone topic. I have emailed a DO school in Dallas about AP/CLEP/CC credits. Here is the answer. Note that this pertains to my situation.


As to your questions, I have answered them below:

1 - Yes AP or CLEP credit will work, as long as an accredited college or university will post the credit on your official transcript stating that it meets their standard for that class.

2 - Yes community college credit will meet the 90 hr requirement. Sometimes medical school admissions committees discount this credit because it is often not as rigorous. However, you will have the added credential of a PhD. Even though it will not apply to the requirements, the committee will still see it as a credential and use it in their consideration. The only caution that I will advise of is that if you do not perform well in the community college courses, the committee will take a harsher view of your application.

Great Post! Thanks for the info.