Any chance of US MD school?

Hello, my name is Matt and I am 23 years old. I recently graduated with a BA in English from UCSB where my GPA was a 3.1 However, I did retake 3 classes due to poor grades (one of which was business statistics). I am wondering if I have a shot at a US MD school if I take a few more UG classes, then attend a post-bac program? Has the F in statistics which I have since retaken ruined my chances for an MD school?

Hi Matt, The “F” in stat won’t keep you out of med school. (Naturally you’ll repeat it, right? Some med schools require stat and it’s an important class to have whether it’s required or “only” strongly recommended.) If you do very well in the rest of your coursework and do post-bacc work (with great grades, of course), AND have the types of experiences that med school AdComms like to see, you should have a reasonable shot at an acceptance.