Any current Chiropractors on here looking at med school options?

Hi everyone

I came across this site a few days ago and its great to hear a bunch of inspirational stories from non-traditional students.

I’ve done several searches…but are there any recent members in the group that are Chiropractors looking into going back to Med school. The previous members I found were from back in 2010-12, but havent seen any recent post?

I’ve been a Chiropractor for 8 years, and I’m 35. I’m just starting the process of looking into the process of applying. More than likely it will be a couple of more years, as I will need to retake some of the prerequisites, as well as the MCAT.

Just curious if there are any other Chiro’s or former Chiro’s still active on here?

thanks for all of the great info on here!


Try poster Jaysun0373. He is former chiropractor and faculty member at a chiropractic program. He should have finished medical school by now and should be in residency or on active duty. As I remember, he attended medical school on a military scholarship.

Thanx for the heads up!