Any experiences with ExamKrackers Self Study?

As of yet, there are no ExamKrackers sessions offered in my area or within 200 miles…

Has anyone gone through the ExamKrackers Self Study? Positive/negative? Thoughts?

My friend swears by it but has not experienced the self study edition.

Multiple people on this forum went through DIY studying with ExamKrackers and it worked out for them. Others paired the EK materials with taking the prep course offered by Kaplan or PR (like me!).

EK are excellent. I loved them. I wished I hadn’t spent $$$ for the Kaplan class… but it’s me! there are others who swear by it!

If you are a strongly motivated self-studier, I’d strongly recommend using EK. If you need more structured instructions, sign up for some perp course and use EK on top of it!

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I used a mix of self-study practice materials: EK audio osmosis, Kaplan books, I think some Princeton books, and practice tests. I took a bunch of practice tests, but the best were the official ones from The others were useful in different ways as well. Princeton’s physics was more in-depth than the real stuff (forcing you to learn it better, perhaps) and EK’s 101 verbal passages were very realistic content-wise (although I didn’t always agree with their answers or explanations).

Hope this helps somewhat

When I took my first Kaplan practice test I was crushed. I scored a 17 and figured it was over. I put the time in to review the study materials, but with a week to go I was scoring 22-24. I resolved to beat that and wanted a 30. I spent the entire last week taking a full exam a day. By Friday I scored a 28.

On exam day 35!!! Phys 13 Bio 11 Verbal 11. the practice tests gave me insight into the the style of questions and by reviewing the questions I got wrong, I was able to get a sense of the mindset of the test writers. I started to catch the traps and found the answers on the Physical section could lead you to the equation. Look at the units and try to work backwards. ie m/s2 meant the equation had to yield that. giving the units in the question, I rearranged them to yield the right unit in the answer and it worked.

Also some of the shorter study aids tend to yield the highest result, as the return on time invested is higher. If you can study someting that has 85% of the info on the test in 25% of the time it would take to study everything. You would be better off only knowing 85% well and NOT 100% that you probably won’t retain 50% of the material without a photographic memory.

In the end, Practice tests, Practice Tests and Practice test!!

I just purchased the EK complete study guide and found a set of audio osmosis CDs on craigslist (I liked to $40 price tag a lot more than $199 for a new set). I am working my way through the books and plan to start doing a full practice test a week in January. I am taking the MCAT on April 24th. So far the EK books have a pretty logical flow. They recommend ONLY using the EK books to prevent confusion from multiple sources about what you do or don’t need to know. I will see how that is working once I start the practice exams. If anyone has thoughts about this plan let me know. It seemed like a logical approach for me.

I used EK and the official practice tests and I was quite happy. I don’t think most people have time to use a whole lot more materials than that.

I did the EK self-study program, and raised my score by three points overall. Two of those came in PS where I needed them most. the authors advice is practical and very well-informed. I used the books, all the practice tests, and the Audio Osmosis lectures. I recommend it highly. If you choose to use it, I strongly suggest you stick to the schedule. Do all the lessons and don’t get behind. Most importantly, take every practice test on schedule. The follow-up explanations are excellent learning tools incorporating both the scientific explanations and the test-taking strategies from the lessons.

Totally agree…I wished I had saved the money on the Kaplan course.