Any Foreign Undergrads here?

Hey Everybody! I am new to the forum and very happy to be here! Just as others, I am an older pre-med, trying to complete the pre-reqs and other stuff and apply…

I am wondering, is there anybody here with foreign B.S. trying to complete 90 undergraduate cr hrs in the U.S.? I have done 48 so far

I am foreign undergrad, also looking for same pre reqs for med admission - not started any yet … still thinking about to go on this path or not … would you share your experience what are those 90 cr courses and how did you started… thanks

Hi HappyGoLucky,

I am a foreign undergrad as well. I have an MBA in Finance but I found out I still need to complete the 90 undergraduate Credits to apply to Med School (At least here in Texas).So, I started taking classes at a local CC and I already completed 42 credits hours. I still have 48 left to go . I already took Chem1/Chem2 at CC. In spring I will take BIO1/PHYSICS 1 at my local CC and my plan is to transfer to a 4 years college to complete the remainders of the premed requirements. Are you taking any classes at the 4 year University or a Community College ?

Best of Luck.


Hey guys! Happy New Year! Glad to see that I am not alone!

Aijaz, I started at a Community College and I am taking Bio/Chem/Psych classes. These 90 credits have to include the pre-reqs, obviously.

BetterLateThanNever, I also have a Master’s here in the U.S., but it doesn’t count towards the 90 credits. I am done with Bio, Gen Chem and Orgo. All of them are from CC. Next semester I am taking Physics I at a 4-year university, and the remaining classes will be split b/w CC and two 4-year universities… Unless I change my mind and decide to go to PA School instead

You guys are not completing a second Bachelor’s degree, are you?

Hi guys, happy to see this post. I have a foreign undergraduate degree and 2 masters in US.

Haven’t started to taking the pre req courses and trying to decide where and how to start. I am in Florida and 3 out of 6 medical schools do not consider candidates with foreign undergraduate degrees.

BetterLateThanNever, do you know if all Texas schools consider candidates with foreign undergraduate degrees? School websites didnt provide much or any information about candidates with foreign degrees and I am planning to call them to learn the details. By any chance do you have any information specific to candidates with foreign undergraduate degrees?