Any Former Pilots?

Are there any former pilots on here? I think I’ve seen a few usernames that would suggest that there are.

If so, I have a question: Does anyone else miss aviation? Occasionally I run into an old friend or even meet someone who is still flying and wonder if I should still be involved somehow. The choice I made was to give up the starvation wages, nights in hotels, career instability, etc. Leaving flying was more of a byproduct of that decision. I backed away slowly. I stopped flying fulltime and instructed in the evening after working a desk job. A few years ago, I gave it up all together. Fortunately that lead me to medicine - but I still wonder if I could keep some professional flying mixed in. Maybe not during med school/residency, but before and after. I am slowly knocking out prereqs now - so it will be a while.

For those in the same boat - what are you doing? Is anyone keeping their hand in it? I think I’m pretty well done with instructing. It’s not so much the teaching as it is the schools. Flight schools around here have become something entirely different than when I started. I’ve wondered about air ambulance, night time part 135, etc. Any ideas / experiences to share?