Any guidance or advice would be great!

Hey there!

Just discovered this site this morning and I’m very excited to have access this resource.

I’m currently in the process of enrolling myself back into my university to buff up my undergrad resume before applying for grad school. I have to admit I’m nervous because it’s been awhile since I’ve been a full-time student and I have quite a bit to pick up from my past experiences in school: I’m starting off with a really low GPA that I can barely get into a masters or post-bac program at this point.

Then again, it’s one step at a time, yes? Anyway I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get into DO school, so any advice that would help me reach this goal would be great. Also just glad to know that there’s people out there that have similar aspirations.


Lynn Tran

Hi lptran, first WELCOME!!! This is forum is a wonderful resource and you will have the benefit of getting a lot of valuable information.

It is hard to give you much advice due to not having much information…current gpa, courses you have or have not taken, etc.

Some suggestions is to first not look into any grad programs as it won’t effect your undergraduate gpa which is a major player in your pursuit. Also, formal post-baccs aren’t really required.

What I would suggest is to look at some of the DO schools you are interested in to find out what they look for in prereqs…some will have the traditional prereqs (1 yr bio, 1 yr gen chem, 1 yr organic chem, and 1 yr physics…all with labs). Some schools may require more science classes like biochemistry, and some might require some biohavioral classes.

What I would suggest is that you get all of your transcripts together to see where you actually stand and which classes you will need to retake. While DO schools will require all of your classes, they will only calculate your retakes into your new GPA.

Also, make sure that you take ALL of your prereqs before you attempt the MCAT. It’s a test that you really only want to take once.

Best of luck!

Sorry duplicate post…

Hello and welcome. You are among kindred spirits.

first off, you are correct that you are starting with the first step. Realize that you are embarking on a journey whose time is limited only by you and not anyone’s timetable.

second, if your GPA is that low, you will probably have to start your pre-reqs again. If you received anything less than a C in any of the pre-requisites then you must take them over. If not, then there is a chance that they are still good. However, if they are old, 7-10 years, then you may have to retake them.

There are many stories here. And some you would swear is your own story. There is probably nothing here that has not been asked so search around, read the diaries, and absorb. If you can, try to come to the conference next June. It is in Chicago. I have yet to meet someone that has regretted going to the conference.

Again, welcome.

Welcome to OPM