Any new M1s?

I am starting orientation in 4 days. EEP!

I am so excited. I am so intimated, being so much older and a mom. I have had nightmares 3 nights in a row about showing up in my dirty holey converse a day late for orientation.

Anyone else starting this fall?

Hello Hilseb!

I too am starting in August, and experiencing my share of anxiety as well.

I’m 52, and so the age difference with my ‘colleagues’ is part of the anxiety. Mind you, I connected very well with my classmates during the pre-req course work; so, I guess I should also be optimistic that all will go well.

My home is an 80 minute drive from school - so I’ve decided to rent a ‘small studio’ to study and sleep at during the week. I’ll be driving home most week-ends. My room is in a small private student-only residential complex just across the street from school/hospital. Most of my neighbors are also med. school students. I’m optimistic that this will work out quite well, being able to connect/study/share with other students taking the very same courses I am.

Good luck to you, and keep posting!


Orientation August 22. Our new house closed today and I’m driving from Boston to Arizona next week. Can you spell p-a-n-i-c??? Aiiieeee!

Best of luck to everyone

Orientation started today. NSUCOM has academical (sic) societies, sort of like Hogwarts. I was happy that, out of the 30 or so M1s in my society, 3 of them are moms!

Hi Hilseb! I’ve been thinking of you this week…as you know, I almost went to NSU and think how crazy it is that I would have already started school. In the end of the day, I decided to go elsewhere and will be starting in roughly 2.5 weeks, which isn’t much time, but I still don’t feel like I’m starting tomorrow or anything. I get a little nervous sometimes, especially since this will require a minor move on my part, but I’m excited and can’t believe that after 3 years from when I started this journey, I will finally be a full-fledged medical student.

I’m glad you’re happy with school so far…and before you know, it will be December and you will be half-way through with first year!

Thanks! I hope it does go quickly.

I have been in my new house for 3 weeks and Orientation starts on monday. Yipe

I move to Buffalo on Wednesday, then classes start a week from Monday, on August 6. The first exam will be on Friday, August 17, two days before my 36th (dear God in heaven) birthday.

I’m sick of saying goodbye (which i’ve been doing without ceasing since May in São Paulo), sick of packing, sick of finding apartments, sick of preparations-- I’m ready to GET STARTED.

Some interesting facts:

1-bedroom loft in a slum neighborhood of Brooklyn


1-bedroom house apartment on a treelined genteel street in central Buffalo


Auto insurance (1-month) on a 2001 Honda CR-V in Brooklyn


Same auto insurance (1-month) in Buffalo


And on and on. It’s a cheap place to live.

It’s great to hear from so many of you that are realizing your dream!! It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of the basic sciences, but don’t forget your friends here at OPM. It’s a great place to sit and surf when your mind needs a break. You’ll discover that you’re not the only one having thos feelings and it will help ease the pain :slight_smile: Yes, I am speaking from experience, having disappeared for about 10 months my first year.

Good luck, Tara


i start orientation tomorrow! I am very excited, but perhaps a bit nervous. After living in this town for 2 weeks, i am anxious to get on with things. Our house we sold closed last week but our stupid bank has locked up our funds! Can’t even pay bills…I am upset because my FA disbursement goes into this account…I hope i can get this ironed out on my lunch hour…need to buy books and stuff.

Anyone else sick of drinking? There have been four parties and bar nights with a fifth tonight.

I can’t party like a rockstar anymore… more like a gospel star. Oe the singing nun, maybe.

Speaking of disappearing - here I am after a month and two exams (well, three if you count that gross had a written and a practical.)

Everyone surviving so far? I am, most of the time!

I’m starting to love anatomy. I started the class overwhelmed and confused, but now that I’m better at seeing the big picture, I think anatomy is a lot of fun. There is something magical about teasing away layers of fascia and gunk and then voila - a beautiful structure with an interesting variation appears. At first I hated dissecting because I felt like I was wasting my time and destroying everything important, but now I love going to lab and fiddling with our cadaver. Today I found our thyrocervical trunk and it had an extra inferior thyroid branch that made it a beautiful shining star. I wished I could have taken a picture, it made me so happy. Anatomy now feels more like art than knowledge acquisition. I’m kind of sad that now that I’m finally in to it, our class will be over in a week and a half.

Man, does this thread bring back some fond memories! I can distinctly recall vascillating b/t “pinch myself, am I really here?” to “what in the hell was a I thinking?” to “Oh God, please let me just lay down and sleep another 30 minutes…”

Folks, hold onto your shorts because Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is just starting!!!