Any of you OldPre get into or interviewed for an Ivy League

I am not really shooting for an Ivy League, I am trying to be realistic in my goals. I would like to stay at home, but that is where the tough part is like 3 of the medical schools are the top in the country UofPA, Temple and Thomas Jefferson

I am looking at one good school they just opened a med school. I am crossing my fingers to get in

My response to your question is more anecdotal versus reality (since I will begin my pre-med program in the fall). However, one of the best ways to determine if a school is within “reach” is to:

  1. Purchase the MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirement) book. This book gives applicants a two page snapshot of all US MD granting institutions.

  2. Examine your GPA/MCAT to see if you meet the school’s average for any given matriculating class.

  3. Make sure that the school’s to which you are applying are a real “fit” for you.

    Also, schools publish the age range for accepted students on their websites. It might be helpful to peruse the websites for that information.

    I hope this information has helped. I know how daunting this task can be, but it is good to start this process early
  • TJJ MD Said:

Also, schools publish the age range for accepted students on their websites.

Some Ivy League schools don't quote age ranges unless you inquire. Years ago, before my post-bacc GPA became crappy and before I became pessimistic, I inquired about my chances at one Ivy League medical school. The dean with whom I spoke told me flat out that they would not take me because I was "much older than the average applicant." I was nearing 45 at the time. Needless to say, even if my GPA were competitive (it no longer is), I will not be applying to that school.

I can attest that the one I worked at, the oldest student I ever met as a MS1 was 29. I don’t know if it was an official policy, but I was there 3 almost 4 years and that was my experience.

If you’re looking to stay in the Philadelphia area, consider Drexel for an MD, or consider Osteopathic schools like PCOM or UMDNJ which is right in South Jersey.

I know of two oldpremeds who went to an Ivy. One went to Columbia and the other was this little school in Boston called Harvard (Link to Joe Wright)

Also, one of our founders, OldManDave, did his residency and fellowship at Dartmouth. (Link to OldManDave Diary)

BTW, the first book I read by a non-trad was a book called Gentle Vengence by Charles LeBaron who went to Harvard 13 years after getting a BA in english. (Link NY Times Book Review )