Any one else away from family during school?

I’m away at school for another year, my wife is visiting this week but my next visit withthe whole family will be Dec!

I’m doing well and call them, is anyone else away like this?

It’s hard! (only a year to go)

I’ve started to reply to this several times, but can’t ever find the right words. All I can say is that it has to be incredibly hard; I’m not in your situation, but may be in the future.
My wife has a great job that is location-specific, so if (No! When!) I get in to medical school I may end up far away from her and our two kids.
I’d love to hear how you and your family are holding up…

I’m not in your situation, yet, but soon might be. I have 3 children and my wife is suggesting to remain in the US while I study abroad. I don’t like this idea, but it seems to be the most realistic, sad to say.
Just thinking about it breaks my heart. I’m finding it very hard to be away from my kids for nearly 2 years. You’ll have to keep us (specifically me) informed on how you’re doing.
Hang in there!

I’ts working like this…we skype a lot and IM and Email.

Send Pics and remind ourselves all the time that it’s worth it and time will fly! Others are in Iraq away from families and this is not that tough so I just focus on doing well so not only will I be a Doc but that I get back asap!

Her visit was good and we spent the time together just the 2 of us, come Dec the whole family together for the 1st time in 23 months! So big plans small budget!

Also I go back to the island for my last semester so it will be sweet!

that is tough, 23 months?
yikes, hang in there!
I am fortunate that my hubby (if i get in anywhere except UW) will come with me. He has a good career and can always find a job that can help support us.
My younger siblings have their loved ones in Iraq atm so it is not as tough as that, you are correct. Still, I admire your dedication.


I’m away at school for another year, my wife is visiting this week but my next visit withthe whole family will be Dec!
I’m doing well and call them, is anyone else away like this?
It’s hard! (only a year to go)

I go back and forth on this a LOT but the reality is that there’s no sure thing where med school admissions is concerned so it’s best to keep your options open. My hubby fully supports me moving wherever I have to for school(perhaps related to the fact that was in the Navy for 7 years) and I think I’ll be OK. It’s my daughter I’m concerned about. So I’m thinking a 2 hour max plane ride away is as far as I want to go and being in the DC metro area, that leaves me with PLENTY of options!
Best of luck to the OP!


Well you know that hubby and kids left the UK in October, so I spent two months without them, went home for 3 weeks in December, then back to the UK (when my world and the school fell apart), where I dealt with that for four months without my family. When I transferred to Ross, I spent another 3 weeks with my family the end of April, only to go away again, here in Miami, where I’ll be until late August. I’ll have 5 days with them during the Independence Day holidays, but then leave again, much to my daughter’s dismay. I had hoped that being in the US would allow me to fly home perhaps twice a month to have weekend visits, but had no idea that the schedule was as full as it is for the fifth semester!! Most weekends, I’m scheduled for something at least one day. My daughter has made it very clear that she wants to be with me, but my 14 year old son loves his new school where he’s staying with my sister, and as a pending 10th grader, understandably wants to stay there, though I don’t know how I could handle that, or allow it. My husband enrolled in a master’s degree program also in Arkansas, and he loves the program, though not the state or lack of jobs, but right now, does not seem ready to accompany me to Chicago. Dilemma? How to take care of my almost 9 year old daughter while doing clinical rotations if she is the only one who wants to go with me? What a mess.

I’m going to be away from my husband for a year to two years starting this fall. I got accepted to USUHS in Bethesda, MD, but he’s active duty in the Air Force and still has at least a year left here in Colorado Springs. I’m so sad about it, but what can I do? I am really thankful that he’ll be able to join me in a year (hopefully), because originally he was told he couldn’t get stationed in D.C.

I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to handle it, but the plan is to keep in touch by phone and webcam. And hopefully, we’ll be able to visit once a month or once every two months. For Christmas, we’re going to go some place tropical, just the two of us, so we can have some alone time. I’m also trying to remember all the things I liked about living alone that I’ll be able to do again, like getting up early, getting a cup of coffee and then snuggling under the covers while I drink coffee and write in my journal.

I just try to keep reminding myself that being away from him will be good in a lot of ways. First off, I’ll be more independent and confident. Secondly, we’re forced to work hard at communication in order to stay in touch with each other’s lives, and I think that will strengthen our relationship in the long run. So, overall, it’ll be a tough time. But this allows both of us to pursue our career goals and I think we’ll both be glad we did it in a few years.

If anyone in this situation has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. My advice is to enjoy the good times, and during the bad times, just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you make it through.