Any One Here Using Interfolio

I just signed up for and wanted to know if anyone else is currently using the application to apply to med school

Melvin -

I believe Interfolio is widely used. I used it when I applied back in 2004-2005 and was very happy with it. My letter writers were very happy to only have to submit one letter, it was very easy for me to check and see which letters had been submitted/were missing, and it made it extremely easy to send all of my letters in one package to a school. I think it takes a lot of work out of having to contact a LOR person multiple times for multiple letters and then following up with multiple schools to make sure all of your letters have been received.

IMO, it allows that applicant to have far more control over the secondary process, because as long as you contact your letter writers early enough and have your letters to submitted to Interfolio around the same time you submit your AMCAS, you can have all your letters sent very quickly after receiving a secondary.

It’s been a few years, but when I applied, Ohio State had actually recently discontinued their own letter service and was directing students to use Interfolio. None of the schools I applied to had any problem accepting letters via Interfolio.

Excellent that is what I was hoping to hear; I have been playing with he application all day today and as a software developer myself it seems to address the concept very well and has been easy to use and learn. I look forward to using it from here on out.

Question is this only for D.O. Schools?

No - it’s not at all limited to any particular type of school. I only applied to allopathic schools.

From the website:

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* Interfolio is recognized and trusted by AACOMAS, AMCAS, and all medical schools

* Affordable - send all your letters to each school for one low price

* Instant electronic delivery to over 70 medical schools; mail delivery to all others

* Convenient for letter writers

* Control, 24/7 access, and peace of mind

The electronic delivery is nice . . . I don't think they did that when I applied.

Interfolio, as already stated, is widely used now. There are some undergrad institutions which use Interfolio as their letter service rather than sending out the letters themselves.