Any opinions on Harvard extension school?

Hello everyone. My name is Chris and i am new to the forum. I have a couple questions really, the last one being the subject of this post. I graduated in 07 with two degrees in neuroscience and psychology. Med school was something i thought about as an undergrad, but i really vacillated back and forth between wanting to do that or graduate school in psych. As a result, i really didn’t have the kind of motivation i think one needs if they are dedicated to becoming a doctor. I loved learning about the brain though, and in completing the neuro major finished all the prereqs for med school. Made some less than stellar grades on some courses though. A few C’s and withdrawals, some of which were repeated to get A’s. did better all in all my senior year and graduated with a total 3.35 gpa.

I worked in a psych hospital the year after graduating, and really solidified my desire to go to med school. So now I have this drive to get to med school, and am thinking about some post bacs in which i dont take pre-reqs but take higher level science courses to show that i have matured as a student and can hold my own.

So, now the questions. With the little background i have told you guys about my academic history, would a program like i described above be useful for me, and do if i do well there, do i have an ok shot at being admitted to medical school?

Also, many of the programs i have seen are “special masters” programs and aren’t cheap at all. However, I recently stumbled upon the harvard extension school’s health careers program which is much much more reasonable. Its essentially an open admissions policy, and you take classes at harvard with real harvard professors. Has anyone heard much about the perception of this program among admissions committees or how this program might compare with others of this type?

Appreciate any help you guys can offer.

  • Chris

Yes, I have heard of this program and would highly recommend it. As you will see from their website, you can get sponsored from them as well depending on how well you do in your course work there. This means that you might have a shot at getting letters of rec from them as well as a chance for admissions into Harvard’s medical school. Its certainly a good program to look at. Besides, the courses range from $800-$1,000 each which is relatively cheap for a post-bac program. You even get a Pre-Medical Completion certificate from Harvard. Last but not least, its HARVARD…it will certainly turn some heads on the med school admissions committees.